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coral spawning


Since being witnessed for the first time nearly 40 years ago, 

the annual coral spawning event on the Great Barrier Reef, is one of the most spectacular natural phenomenons known to man

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Highly experienced, local guides

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Up to 16 guided dives on the Ribbon Reefs

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Spacious luxury dive vessel

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Superb chef-prepared meals

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Highly personalised -  only 12 guests 

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Dive the Cod Hole; Steve's Bommie + more!


Once a year, when everything is just right on the reef; a few days after the November full moon, a few lucky divers can witness firsthand, one of the most incredible synchronized natural displays to be seen anywhere in the world. This coral spawning event transforms the ocean at night into a spectacular show, all created by the microscopic corals who over thousands of years, have reproduced in this fashion, slowly building the Great Barrier Reef as we know it today.


With its unrivaled quality of diving and variety of sites to choose from, we have selected the world-famous Ribbon Reefs as the destination for our 2022 expedition. While we are anticipating fantastic opportunities to see mother nature doing some of her finest work, visiting this part of the Great Barrier Reef offers us the chance to dive some of the most well-known dive sites in the world. Some of the spots we plan on diving are:


09/11: Cairns to Agincourt Reef  0630   Boarding 0700   Depart Cairns Marlin Marina 1200   Lunch 1400   Dive brief & dive - site TBC 1600   Afternoon tea 1730   Dive brief and night dive – site TBC  1900   Evening meal 2100   Night Dive or snorkel Steam overnight to Ribbon Reef #3 10/11: Ribbon Reef #3 & #5 0700 Breakfast 0830 Dive brief and dive 1000  Morning tea 1100  Dive brief and dive 1230 Lunch 1400 Dive brief and diving – site TBC 1600 Afternoon tea 1730 Night dive brief and night dive – site TBC 1930 Evening meal 2100 Night dive or snorkel  Steam overnight to Ribbon Reef #10  11/11: Ribbon Reef #10 As above Steam overnight to Ribbon Reef #3  12/11: Ribbon Reef #3 & Agincourt Reef As above 13/11: Agincourt Reef to Cairns 0600 Wakeup call and light breakfast 0630 Dive briefing & dive  0800 Depart for Cairns  1600 Arrive Cairns Marlin Marina

Steve's Bommie Ribbon Reefs

Steve's Bommie

The most iconic site on the Ribbons, if not the GBR

diving the Cod Hole

Cod Hole

Go eye-to-eye with the legendary Potato Cod

Pixie's Pinnacle Ribbon Reefs

Pixie Pinnacle

Slip away into the crystal clear waters..

diving Challenger Bay Ribbon Reefs

Challenger Bay

Stunning coral and a pure adrenaline night dive!!

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