Been a while without diving?
Trouble remembering how the gear goes together?
What are safety checks?
What to do in an emergency?​​ 
If this sounds familiar, don't worry - you're not alone. Scuba diving, like many other things in life, is like riding a bike. We generally comfortable with how it goes but sometimes we need to take a step back and get used to the basics  for the first 20 minutes.
ReActivate consists of 2 parts - 
  • Complete PADI ReActivate Touch on your tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac
  • Refresh your skills while diving on the Great Barrier Reef!
ReActivate Touch, will take you through possible scenarios to test your problem solving  skills, your understanding of dive safety concepts and dive planning techniques.
This portion is completed at your own pace before the day of travel.
During the first dive, we get you back in the water and once comfortable, start to practice some important skills such as dealing with mask problems underwater, adjusting your buoyancy and what to do in the event of an emergency. After that we will have time to practice any other skills that you would like to fine-tune.
Once all of the training is complete - usually during the first dive, we spend the rest of your day at the reef exploring and recapturing the feeling you had that made scuba diving so enjoyable for you!

2 day course

6 dives

Min age 12

*excludes cost of elearning


1-2 day courses

3-6 dives

Min age 10


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At the end of the day we will complete the application for a new PADI certification card, which recognises your successful completion of both parts of the ReActivate program.


Minimum age for the PADI ReActivate program is 12

Certain medical conditions and medications, past or current may pose a risk and can preclude you from diving.

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A valid diving licence from a recognised organisation

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