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Like most things in life, experience counts, and as a team of Port Douglas locals, that is exactly what we can guarantee when you dive the Outer Great Barrier Reef with us.

Each of our guides has spent decades diving all over the world, so we know that divers are looking for fun; safe, and informative dive trips, along with the chance to learn something new about the reef or to ask for tips and advice on how to improve their diving skills. Aside from being able to do all of this for our divers, over the years we have also enjoyed staying in contact with many of our past divers, helping them choose an amazing location for diving in other parts of the world, locating a good dive shop for their next trip or course, or offering impartial advice on selecting the right piece of equipment for their needs. 

During one of our guided dive trips, we make use of one of the local dive vessels - 'Calypso', which allows us generous amounts of space and comfort while diving at the Outer Reef. These trips are of a full day's duration (0745-1630), allowing us to make up to 3 dives at 3 different dive sites. The exact spots we dive are chosen on the day, with the weather and other environmental conditions having the greatest influence on the choice, though the dives will be on either Agincourt, Opal, St Crispins, or Tongue Reef. To learn a bit more about where you might end up diving with us, take a look at our Dive Sites

Wherever we dive, there is always an excellent chance of seeing healthy coral reefs, and a variety of wildlife, including sharks; turtles; rays, and lionfish, as well as many of the tiny, curious critters that we love to discover, such as nudibranchs and crustaceans.

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