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Port Douglas Dive Sites

Being right on the southern end of the world-famous 'Ribbon Reefs', means that when you dive from Port Douglas you are knocking on the door of some of the very best sites to be found on the Great Barrier Reef.

These Outer Reef locations are regularly swept by currents and upwelling from the Coral Sea, bringing with them cooler, deeper and clearer oxygen-rich water; loaded with nutrients. This forms the foundation for the incredible biodiversity found out on the reef, generating ideal conditions for the wide variety of marine organisms that make their home on the coral reef.

With us having the use of a number of dive vessels - whether it's on one of our day trips; scuba diving courses, or Dive Expeditions , you will enjoy the amazing opportunities to dive in a wide variety of spectacular locations.


This is the northern-most area we travel to on our day trips, and is widely considered to be among the best diving that can be reached without joining a liveaboard trip.


Always a crowd-pleaser from it's shallow coral garden for beginners or a stunning drift along the outer reef wall


One of the most incredible sites on the GBR, absolutely loaded with healthy coral. Divers of all levels get a kick out of the awesome swim-thrus, weaving their way through the shallows


From it's fish-covered bommie, weaving coral wall; to it's charming 'sandpit', Nobody's is a dive site for all tastes and pleasures


The highlight here is the imposing coral spike rising-up from the sea floor, though due to depth is for certified divers only. Beginners are free to cruise and enjoy the anemone-filled coral garden


An unforgettable dive site, consisting of 2 huge towers surging-up from the seabed, 40 metres below. The deep gutter which separates the towers, is one of the sharkiest spots we know 


An nice easy dive for all, with it's coral boulders dotted along the reef, and often a good chance of spotting a friendly reef shark along the way


Once we've had a good look out towards the tip of the reef - sharks maybe? Venture back through the undulating coral structures, but just remember to keep an eye out for turtles...


After we make our way along the amazing wall, wind your way back through the coral-lined alleys which lead-us back to the boat.


A cheeky dive spot which offers guilty pleasure.

From it's scattering of deep bommies, through to it's massive coral slope - home to the biggest clams we've ever seen!


Every once in a while, when the sun;moon and the stars are aligned, we can visit Blue Lagoon.

Largely inaccessible due to it's tricky layout, it's a rare treat when we do get to go here


When reef trips from Port Douglas started back in the early 1980's, Agincourt Reef was the go-to spot, and Opal reef was seen as a 'little brother' compared to it's enormous northern neighbour. 

Over the years though, more and more divers and snorkelers started visiting Opal reef, and it quickly established a reputation as a stunning part of the reef in it's own right. Check-out the list below to learn about our dive sites


This site is the 'Blue Lagoon' of Opal reef - rarely visited due to the need for perfect conditions.  If we do get here, you will be amazed by it's colours and endless swim-thrus.


A popular spot on our private charters or as a lazy drift dive back along the inner slope of North Opal reef. we would say it's sharky but also with plenty of other action to take-in.


Pretty much the perfect dive site with something for everyone. Cruisy shallows for beginners; walls and bommies for certified divers; sharks, turtles, lions, tigers and bears - Oh my!


Less dive sit, more moonscape. Stunning open topography that just unfolds before you, typically with excellent visibility of 30 metres+.

Canyons, walls and slopes abound.


A peach of a site and one of our favourites. The deep water and wide open spaces suggest "shark", but in fact this is a real hotspot for macro, including nudibranchs and tiny crustaceans


Located on the southern edge of the channel which separates the bottom end of Opal reef from the main section; we have one of the best sites in terms of coral and fish life.


The octopus' garden Ringo wrote about back in the day, complete with giant clams; incredible corals, and a small but spectacular wall leading to a sneaky swim-thru. No yellow submarine sadly.


We'll be honest, Blue Buoy at first glimpse doesn't look like much but once you get to the good bits (spoiler alert - there are loads); then it will be easy to see why we love it here.


A small but charming spot which is best enjoyed in the shallows where we often find cuttlefish, stingrays, turtles and Nemo! Can also be done by drifting around the corner from 'Blue Buoy'


Heading-out from the shallow coral theatre, we follow the wall as it leads around towards the other sites found on the northern side of the channel. A great spot for nudibranch hunting

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