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Feeling ready to take that step towards your next adventure?

If so, then you are looking in the right place!


The Open Water Diver certification is your passport to a whole new world of opportunities for discovery, and travel, as well as being a great way to make new friends from all over the globe.


As a PADI Eco-Center, we have been recognised not only for our high-quality training programs but also for our efforts in promoting environmental awareness through scuba diving. Beyond this, we are always looking at how to make our operation more sustainable, which even includes using wetsuits made from recycled materials, and upcycling our retired wetsuits. 


Above all, we firmly believe that rather than trying to choose which agency is best, the most important decision is to select the best dive instructor and dive school for you. This is where our expert team of highly skilled instructors, is unrivalled when it comes to delivering the best dive training programs in the Port Douglas area, that are challenging, personalized, and fun, and there is no better classroom than the Great Barrier Reef!


If you are still wondering about the benefits of getting certified, take a look below:

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Being qualified to dive in open water to 18m/60 feet

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Gain access to the best dive sites all over the world

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Have fun while meeting new people, and sharing experiences

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Support marine conservation 

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Become part of the global scuba diving community!


There are 3 parts to an Open Water course: theory/'eLearning'; Pool training, and finally, the open water dives at the Outer Great Barrier Reef.


Getting your Open Water certification takes some time and dedication, but once you reach the end it will all be worth it. 



Prepare for your pool and open water training by first learning about important scuba diving facts, principles, and techniques.

The 'eLearning' portal is your digital classroom where you  watch, read, listen, and interact with the information; while studying in comfort, at your own pace, before your holiday.

Completing the Open Water Diver course online is also a fantastic "clean-green" option, with no paper manuals.



Learn all of the skills and techniques required by an open water diver.  From learning how to respond calmly and confidently to problems and emergencies; through to the ability to maintain efficient, "Coral-friendly" buoyancy control; Your highly experienced instructor will use all of their skill and knowledge to show you how to be in control while diving.

Our small classes also mean more individual attention and time for practice



Put all of your new skills and knowledge into practice - while diving at the Outer Great Barrier Reef!!

Explore amazing coral gardens and walls teeming with an endless abundance of marine life. all while earning your open water certification. 

After all of the training elements are completed, your instructor will take you on 2 further  dives, giving you bonus time underwater!


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Minimum age for the Open Water Diver course is 10

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Certain medical conditions and/or medications may pose a health risk and preclude you from diving.  Please contact us for details

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No previous experience is necessary, though you will need to complete a 200m non-stop swim, and be able to tread water for 10 minutes.

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