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Since creating Scuba IQ in 2016,  we have assembled the most experienced team of dive instructors in Port Douglas, able to call on skills and experience gained over decades of diving. Along with our small class sizes, this means that each of our students gets the benefit of learning from expert instructors who have plied their trade for a number of years, all over the globe; while also getting plenty of one-one-on-one attention with additional tips and techniques.

Aside from receiving high-quality instruction, we are also passionate about sharing our love for the Great Barrier Reef and the incredible wildlife that makes it their home. From the tiniest critters such as nudibranchs; gobies and shrimps up to some of the heftier inhabitants including grouper; sweetlips; triggerfish and of course, sharks. This is also part of our greater commitment to the environment, which is why were accredited as the very first PADI Eco-Center in Australia and New Zealand.

After your course, we also offer ongoing support, just in case you have any questions about diving, buying equipment, or maybe choosing a location for a dive holiday or liveaboard trip.











Choosing the right course for you comes down to whether you already have a diving certification, and after that, it's a matter of deciding what type of diving interests you the most:


  • If you are new to diving, then the  Open Water Diver course is your entry point to scuba diving, and once certified, you will be able to travel the world; exploring its watery environments. Allow for 3 full days of training here in Port Douglas. Theory (12-14 hours) is completed online prior to the start of the course. If time is an issue, then 2 other options are: 'Discover Scuba Diving', which is a 1-day introductory program that can be done either in a pool or at the Outer Reef. Or, there is also a 2-day program - 'Scuba Diver', which includes one day of pool training, followed by a day of diving at the Outer Great Barrier Reef.

  • For divers who are already certified, there is a wide range of challenging and exciting dive courses to choose from. This includes the Advanced Open Water Course, or Specialty Diver courses, where you can learn about and try different types of diving - a great way to see what it is that most fascinates you and motivates you to keep diving. If you are up for a real test of your skills and knowledge, then our Master Scuba Diver program could be just what you are looking for.

  • For Advanced Open Water Divers who are after a true test of their abilities, the Rescue Diver course will challenge you to deal with a variety of diving emergencies. This course covers aspects and techniques which will be completely new to most divers and is highly demanding but very rewarding.

Regardless of the dive course taken with us here at Scuba IQ Port Douglas, we are sure that you will find your course to be challenging, exciting, and in the end, rewarding, while we will be dedicated to helping you work towards your goals throughout the course and ultimately - Your new hard-earned scuba diving certification! 

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