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Are you someone who loves to test yourself, and is looking for an exciting challenge as a scuba diver? If this sounds like you, then the Rescue Diver course is going to test you physically and mentally, as you learn and develop skills to anticipate and respond to a wide variety of scuba diving emergencies.

For years it has been said that the Rescue Diver course is "serious fun", and to earn the certification you will need to be motivated and focused throughout the training, but you will come out the other side feeling, not just a more confident diver but you will also be a great role model for other divers around you. Becoming a Rescue Diver is a genuine indication of your commitment not only to scuba diving but more importantly to the safety of yourself and other divers around you.

Like most of the other dive course that we teach here in Port Douglas, the Rescue Diver program is divided into separate training segments:

first is the theory which can be done at your own pace, prior to arrival. Once here in Port Douglas, you'll go through all of the techniques in the pool, before heading out to the Great Barrier Reef, where we put it all into practice during realistic scenarios.

See below for more details on the 3 course segments:



Prior to arrival in Port Douglas, the essential theory for the Rescue Diver course is delivered through the digital classroom - 'eLearning'.

Through interactive presentations, you will learn about how to recognise problems and emergencies which divers can face, and how to respond as an individual Rescue Diver, or within a team.

Completing the theory via 'eLearning' lets you study at your own pace; as well as being a paperless option.



During the pool or 'confined water' training day, you will learn and master all of the skills, introduced during  the 'eLearning'/ online study portion.

From anticipating and handling problems or emergencies, through to leading and participating in diver rescues.

All of this training also integrates your knowledge and techniques learned during the prerequisite 1st Aid/CPR course.

Our small classes also mean more individual attention and time for practice



It's typically considered that the open water training components of the Rescue Diver course, are some of the most demanding but rewarding of any recreational scuba diving program.

You will feel the same urgency and focus that comes during real emergencies, as we recreate a variety of scenarios; testing your ability to stop, think and then act; in order to attempt a rescue.

Once all of the fun and games are over, you will be rewarded with some relaxing dives as we guide you on the Great Barrier Reef!

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