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  • Scuba IQ offers approved scuba diving courses from the PADI and SDI dive training agencies

  • Bookings are subject to a minimum number of 2 divers or students per reservation unless otherwise agreed by us.

  • Our dive trips to the Great Barrier Reef give us access to sites at either Agincourt, Opal, or Tongue Reef systems, however, no site or reef can be guaranteed due to logistics or environmental factors.

  • On trips organized under the 'Scuba IQ Dive Expeditions' banner, we visit areas beyond the local reefs. These can include the Ribbon Reefs and the Coral Sea. Again, no dive site or reef can be guaranteed, with the weather being a key influencing factor when determining the schedule.

  • Enriched Air ("Nitrox") is available only when completing specialty training, which is a "dry" course, or if joining liveaboard trips which offer nitrox. In any case, a minimum of 7 days' notice is required if requesting nitrox.

  • Certified divers must produce a valid dive certification card on or before the day of travel. This can also be in the form of a temporary certification card (issued within the last 90 days) or 'eCards' which are now becoming commonplace

  • We advise a minimum of 24 hours before flying after diving.

  • We strongly recommend that before travel, you obtain insurance that provides specific cover for scuba diving activities, medical evacuation, and dive travel. We suggest that it also includes coverage for missed flights, altered accommodation arrangements, or any other inconvenience borne out of any unforeseen circumstance that arises while participating in one of our tours or courses. Scuba IQ is an official partner of DiveAssure, which is a world leader in providing scuba diving-specific insurance policies


  • The scuba diving industry in Queensland has some of the strictest regulations in the world, with a large part of this surrounding medical fitness requirements for scuba diving. Please read the points below, carefully, and please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these matters.

  • All divers will need to complete a medical questionnaire before starting any PADI dive course/program or undertaking guided diving activities with us. Certain medical conditions and/or medications may preclude you from scuba diving and will therefore require a dive medical release from a physician before travel. This is done at each diver's own expense.

  • For anyone wanting to join an Open Water Diver course, who is either 45 years of age or older, or has a BMI >30, written medical clearance is mandatory before participation.

  • It is the responsibility of certified divers to obtain a valid dive medical before the trip if your state of health has changed since completing your last dive or your last dive medical. This includes the intake of prescription medications. 

  • For divers with diabetes Type I or II, there are specific guidelines in place from the Diver's Alert NetworkIt's important to note that introductory diving is not available to Diabetics, with the first point of entry to diving, being a mandated Open Water Course (e.g. PADI or SDI). For certified divers with Diabetes, we can provide an accredited guide, trained in conducting diving activities within approved guidelines.

  • If you have suffered from Covid 19 since your last dive medical, we highly recommend visiting your GP or a physician knowledgeable in scuba diving medicine, before resumption of diving activities​


  • All prices on our website or sales literature are GST inclusive, based on booking direct with Scuba IQ, and are valid until 31/03/2024. Rate from 01/04/2024 are here below

PADI & SDI Dive Courses:

Scuba Diver.                                     $995

Divemaster                                      POA

Open Water.                                     $1550

Deep Diver                                       $1095 (2 days - 6 dives)

Sidemount                                       $1650 (3 days - 6 dives)

Solo Diver/Self-Reliant                  $1095 (2 days - 3 dives)

The supplementary fee for solo bookings is $325 per day.

Unless otherwise stated or agreed, all fees for online/eLearning materials are separate from our charges.

For other trips and courses, please contact us

  • Bookings are only confirmed once full payment is completed, which is due at the time of the invoice being issued by us. 

  • In the case of a large booking ($8000+AUD), a 50% deposit can be made, with the balance due no later than 30 days before the trip start date. If the date of travel is within 30 days of booking, the full amount is due at the time of booking.

  • We accept payment by credit card or bank transfer to our Australian bank account.

  • Once elearning access codes have been purchased or redeemed by a student, this portion of the course is non-refundable.

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  • A full set of equipment, consisting of regulators; BCD; dive computer; wetsuit/stinger suit; tank; weights; fins; mask, and snorkel; is included in the cost of all dive courses, guided dive trips, and dive expeditions.

  • Equipment rental is charged separately on private charters or on trips not organised by Scuba IQ.

  • Damage or loss of any Scuba IQ equipment, either provided or rented, will incur a charge for repair or replacement. Please see below for equipment replacement costs:

Full regulator set (not including computer) - $550​​ to $900, depending on the model

Dive computer - $500 to $1400, depending on the model

BCD - $550

Wetsuit - $300

Mask + snorkel - $90

Fins - $100

Compass - $140

Torch - $180


  • For divers using their own equipment, the following discounts are applicable: $10 for a full regulator set; $10 for BCD; 

  • A 5% discount will be applied to any dive trip being undertaken by anyone with a renewed, professional level scuba diving certification. This only applies to an individual holding the license. A dive professional is considered to be a PADI Divemaster or equivalent, and above.

  • Discounts for larger bookings, typically in excess of $5000, are at the discretion of Scuba IQ, though are generally only available outside of peak seasons or periods.

  • Only one discount may be applied to any booking, 

  • Discounts are not applicable to liveaboards, charters or any tour not conducted by Scuba IQ


  • Before cancelling any trip or course, please contact us to see if we can arrange a new date or a suitable alternative.

  • Cancellation of any trip or course made within 48 hours prior to the booked tour date, or ‘no shows’ will incur a 100% cancellation charge with no refund.

  • Any cancellations made with 2-5 days prior to the tour date will be refunded 50% of the total amount.

  • Any cancellation made with more than 5 days notice will receive a full refund, minus any costs incurred relating to bank fees or credit card charges.

  • Cancellation of diving made by us on the day of travel or course start due to any person not being medically cleared to dive, or failure to produce proof of certification or referral paperwork, will not be eligible for a refund. However, in some circumstances, an alternative date can be arranged to allow for time to obtain the aforementioned. In certain cases, this may be at additional cost to the student/s or diver/s

  • Scuba IQ (ABN 76 810 769 277 ) reserves the right to cancel or change any bookings due to weather/environmental conditions, mechanical breakdown or any other unforeseen circumstances.

  • All information on our website or literature regarding  trips, courses, itineraries, services provided, product inclusions and prices charged may be altered or cancelled without notice due to any reason, and at the discretion of Scuba IQ. 


  • Email addresses and other guest contact details are kept in order for us to organise and prepare for your trip or course. These details are not shared with external parties.

  • Email addresses are added to our mailing list, though broadcast emails are sent infrequently (3-4 times per year),  typically with information regarding our latest news, and to promote our expeditions. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please get in touch with us.

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