Port Douglas Dive Sites

Port Douglas boasts some of the finest dive sites to be found anywhere on the Great Barrier Reef, and we love sharing them, as well as the incredible marine life that inhabits these areas, with our divers who come from all over the world.

On our trips and courses, we make use of one of the excellent local Port Douglas  vessels which are comfortable, spacious and purpose-built. Most important of all, diving from these boats gives us access to a wide range of dive sites across the Agincourt, Opal and Tongue Reef systems; with each specific site being chosen on the day based on environmental conditions, thus giving us the flexibility to make sure your dives are on the best available sites.

Please click on the interactive map to learn more about the Port Douglas dive sites.

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Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina
44 Wharf Street
Port Douglas
Queensland 4877